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Play, Learn, Grow.

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Day Care and Learning Center in Chicago

Tots Land is a State licensed Day Care for kids from 15 months to 6 years old, and has two locations on the NorthWest side of Chicago. Our program arises from a common desire for excellence in meeting the needs of Children and their Families. Please call us at either location for more information!

We offer:

·       Daily Child Care and nutrition
·       A safe and fun learning environment
·       An educational program focused on effective learning tasks
·       Individual approach to children needs  
·       Educated and experienced in Early Childhood Education teachers 
·       Video monitoring

·       ·       HiMama App for parents or Social Media for each group with daily updates photos and videos 
·       Home made meals ( Organic Ingredients , Reverse Osmosis filtered water for cooking and drinking) 
·       Bi-lingual
·       Kindergarten

·     Lots of loving care 

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